Mit „Vienna“ getaggte Bounds

Mobility Challenge
von Fluidtime
If you would like to get to know the city of Vienna and its mobility ecosystem in a playful way, then this bound is just the thing for you. You will see all the important sights in the city centre and at the same time receive background information on all POIs relating to mobility. Enjoy your time and discover for yourself how diverse "traveling" can be in Vienna! SPECIAL: X-MAS tasks are included!
mobility, mobility ecosystem, vienna, walking tour, sightseeing in vienna
Interactive Walking Tour: Jewish Vienna
von Christina Kampe
This actionbound will give you a guided, interactive walking tour through Vienna's first district which is significant for remembering the city's Jewish history. While on the tour you will be given interesting facts and information and you might be asked to find certain spots and answer some questions - all of which you can get points for!
Vienna, Jewish History, Walking Tour, First District
© Berrok
Vienna City Tour (Age+)
von Berrok
A guided city tour through the beautiful first district of Vienna. The attractions are specifically suited for elderly people or people who do not have the ability to travel for longer periods of time without needing to take a break. It takes around 45min (5 minutes for each attraction) to complete our ,approximately 2km long, trip through Vienna. We are open for further recommendations, and we hope you will enjoy the tour we have organized for you :)!
Elderly people, Vienna, Bitzinger, Opera, Heldenplatz
CC-BY-SA Klaudia Weber
Vienna Basilisk
von raumark
Eine Reise durch das "sagenhafte" Wien. Genaugenommen in die sagenumwobene Schönlaterngasse. Medienpädagogisches Projekt DUK EE10 Achtung: Under Construction. Der Restaurantteil kann noch nicht gespielt werden, da es (noch) keine Vereinbarungen mit dem Restaurant gibt
Vienna, Wien, Basilisk, Schönlaterngasse, Sage