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Using Switches to Make Bounds even more Interactive

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We‘re excited to share a new feature with you– one you can use to take your Bounds to a whole new level. First, we‘d like to say thank you. Once again, we have you to thank for our newest development. Without your feedback and your testing, we wouldn‘t be able to continue improving Actionbound.

You wanted to develop even more flexible Bounds, with secret bonus puzzles. You wanted tasks that depended on the answers to previous questions. You wanted even more flexibility in arranging the elements in your Bound. Now, thanks to Switches, all of that is possible! Individual elements or whole stages can now be included or excluded depending on conditions that you set. We can say with confidence that this is one of our most exciting bonus features so far!

• Hidden stages you only want to show once players have scored a certain number of points? No problem!

• Individualized feedback depending on the answer selected in a multiple choice quiz? But of course!

• Customized information after the scanning of a QR-code? Certainly!

• Extra points for uploading a photo? Now it‘s a possibility!

And that‘s just the beginning. Try it for yourself. Every element now contains a “Switches” tab. You can use it to set conditions for the switches. In order to test and play your Bounds, you’ll need to install the most recent version of the Actionbound app.

1. Activate Switches for your Bound

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2. Specify conditions for each element individually


We admit that you’ll have to fiddle around a little and test a lot to get everything working right. If you accidentally set a Switch, you could end up hiding important information. That’s why Switches have to be activated manually for each element or stage.

Take a look in our tutorials, and in the instructions that we have created for the Switches.

We hope you have a lot of fun testing our new feature!


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